How to pick a slot game

This may not be something that many of us bother to think about. Many of us slot players just look at the pretty themes and symbols, the jackpot amount offered on the game and maybe even the minimum and maximum bet, and we set off playing. But picking the right slot game can make all the difference to your winnings. There are many kinds of slots machines out there, so you need to be diligent and pick a game that suits you best. Here is a look at the different kinds of slot games that are available.

Straight and progressive

You must know if you are playing a straight or progressive jackpot slot game. As you know straight slots have a fixed jackpot while progressives have a growing jackpot.

3 reel and 5 reel

Check if the game has 3 or 5 reels. The number of reels indicates how many symbols you need to create a winning combination. In a three reel classic slot game you only require 3 winning symbols lined up to win, whereas a 5 reel slot game requires 5 winning symbols lined up.

Single or multiple payline

The number of paylines tells you how many winning patterns can be made in a single slot game and also tells you how many bets can be placed in a single spin.

Bonus Game features

Features like scatters, wilds, multipliers and bonus rounds and free spins are added advantages that you get in a slot game. These features can help you win more prizes with fewer bets.

Fruit machines and Themed slots

These are two categories of slot games. The fruit machines are those slot games that have 3-6 reels featuring about 16-24 fruit symbols. Fruit machines often have interactive features like “nudge” and “hold”. You are also often allowed to double your bet after each spin. Themed slots are exactly like other slot games except that their symbols are based on a theme. The interesting themes make gaming more fun.

Glitz & Glamour slot

Get a taste of the old Hollywood charm with Real Time Gaming’s Glitz & Glamor Slot game. Glitz & Glamor is all about lovely ladies in cocktail dresses, strapping young men in chic suits and all of them enjoy the high life. This 5 reel 25 line slot game is not just about looking fantastic. It’s got some great features as well. The man symbol and the lady symbol are two symbols you should be looking out for in the Glitz & Glamour slot. When you get the man symbol on the reels it can help you make winning combinations by substituting any other symbol. It also acts as a multiplier that doubles your wins.

The Lady symbol triples your wins. But when you get these two symbols together in a winning combination your wins are multiplied by 6. There are plenty of free spins to be won on the Glitz & Glamour slot as well. You can win as many as 30 free spins and during the free spins your prizes are tripled. To make things even more entertaining, the Glitz & Glamour slot has two random jackpots to be won. You could win the jackpots on any spin. You just have to be online and playing this slot machines game at a casino like Slots Oasis Casino where you get great bonuses and services too. Slots Oasis is open to US players and offers US friendly banking options as well.

Aladdin Skill Slop Slot Machine

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Description: Find out the truth about the Aladdin Skill Stop Slot Machine and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of the Aladdin Skill Stop Slot Machine.

Skill Slop Slot MachineThe user controls the machine when each reel stops. This is why the skill slot machine is called so. The Aladdin Skill Slop Slot Machine is also similar in this way to all skill slot machines. The machine plugs right into the user’s wall and there is no cost or hassles of installation. The machine is 110-volt ready. The Skill Stop Slot Machine is a good gaming machine of the highest quality and the machine is used in international casinos.

Aladdin Skill Slop Slot Machines are factory refurbished. This implies that the machines are brought from international casinos in Japan and they are cleaned and refurbished for sale and use privately. The machines have spinning wheels, flashing lights and ringing bells and they recreate the atmospheres of the casinos from where they come. It is a wonderful experience for those who have played the games at these machines in a casino. The machines have lights and electronic sounds that accompany you through each game. The machines are high quality backlit machines.

Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus Slot MachinesThere are various online casinos that provide you with various features and different types of casino games. Many of them also provide you with bonus slot machines wherein you get to win extra spins at the slot machines and win more. Some of these bonus slot machines may provide extra credit also. But, for winning the bonus slot machines, you need to know the skills and fulfil some special rules.

You can use these slot machines to keep yourself entertained and can have fun. With the online slots, you can play at the slot machines easily and at your own ease. You need not visit a casino and play the slot games whenever and wherever you want. Online casinos are considered to be more convenient and allows you to win great prizes.

Many of the online casinos provide you with free slots or free slot machine games so that you can play slots for free as well. This way you get to win good prizes easily and also get to learn more about the slot games. If you have skills and are experienced then you can also have fun with the bonus slot machines and win good prizes. Some online slots also offer freeroll slot tournaments that allow you to win a fortune as well.

Payouts of Slot Machine Games?

By Mike Selvon

One of the most popular forms of gambling is slot machine games, which are played in actual casinos and online at an internet casino.

Slot Machine Games

A progressive slot machine accumulates deposits from players who are generally involved in several different online slots to create jackpots that appear to grow by the minute. There are several software providers for these virtual casinos.

There are several different types of casino software for the progressive slots and Microgaming is one of the major companies that write the software for these online slot machines.They currently have eight different progressive slot games that accumulate the deposits from approximately 100 different online casinos. There are many different progressive slots and payouts; the largest by far are the Major Million’s slot machine games.

Their jackpot normally starts at $250,000 and in order to win it you have to make the maximum bet of $3.00 and get three of their symbols. They are the only online slots to have paid jackpots of over a million dollars. Cash Splash is another progressive slot machine game with 3 reels, 3 coin single payline.